In Memoriam

“… Forgive my grief for one removed, Thy creature, whom I found so fair. I trust he lives in thee, and there, I find him worthier to be loved. …” — In Memoriam A. H. H. by Alfred Tennyson.

Over the years, several trusted friends and teammates have been lost. Take a moment to remember SARDOM’s lost teammates.

K9 Ika

Ika was an Operational Wilderness, Cadaver, and water recovery dog. She assisted on numerous missions and was always a joy to watch work.

K9 Rico

May 1999- June 2005: Rico was a dog that no one could forget once they met him. His joy for the work was contagious and his energy boundless. He was keen to try anything and excelled at everything once he put his mind to it. His tragic and unexpected loss has been deeply felt by all of SARDOM and we will miss him terribly.

K9 Kelsey

March 1995- July 2005: Kelsey was one of the finest search dogs SARDOM has known. She worked effortlessly for years as a wonderful partner and friend. Kelsey went on countless missions including the La Plata tornado of 2002. She is greatly missed.

K9 Winnie

March 1994- January 2004: Winnie’s main mission in life was to do search and rescue. She was also part of MD Task Force 1 team.

K9 Sheba

December 1990 – April 2005: Sheba participated in many SARDOM mission. She was also a member of MD-TF 1, her most notable deployment was the Oklahoma City Bombing at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in 1995.

K9 Garret Von Marinik

1992-2002: Garret was part of many wilderness and water searches for SARDOM. As a member of VA-TF 1, he was deployed to Nairobi, Kenya (August 1998) for the US Embassy bombing, and for earthquakes in Izmit, Turkey (August 1999) and Duzce, Turkey (November 1999). He never wanted to quit working to find his reward.

K9 Arno

June 1991- July 2001: Arno was credited with the first live find for SARDOM in 1993. He also assisted in many search most natably was the search in 1996 for William Colby the ex-CIA Director. He was also part of the MD Task Force 1. He is sorely missed.