Search & Rescue Dog Training & Certification

SARDOM team members spend countless hours training as a search and rescue K9 team and as individuals to high standards set by organizations such as ARDA, VDEM, and NASAR, to ensure we are ready when called upon.

Our training includes orienteering, first aid (human and K9), search strategy, scent theory, water recovery, and much more. We train to search in several environments, such as Wilderness (open fields, trails, brush, forest), Water, Urban, Disaster, etc.


SARDOM trains to a set of high standards that either meet or exceed standards set by state and national agencies or organizations (ARDA, VDEM).

Our readiness to respond to a search is certified every three years by ARDA through an evaluation process.

*We received an MOU from VDEM which certifies our ability to respond to searchers in the state of *Virginia*.